Algolia JS Helper

A set of utilities for further customizing search behavior

A companion to Algolia's JS API client, used by instantsearch.js

The Algolia JS Helper is a set of functions and patterns that make it possible to customize search experiences at a deeper level. Working side-by-side with the Algolia JS Client, the JS Helper exposes new interfaces to perform advanced faceting, manage stateful parameters, and subscribe to events.

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Reusable abstractions

The Helper can be used in any context and helps structure your search logic. The Helper:

  • defines an immutable source of truth for search parameters
  • dispatches events at key stages of the search cycle
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The Helper can be any search application's best friend. The architecture isn't tied to a specific framework nor does it leak any unsightly abstractions. And it's battle-tested—we use it inside of our widget-based, full-page search library instantsearch.js.